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Unique Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces

When you’re planning your wedding reception decorations, don’t forget about your centerpieces! Your centerpieces often dictate the aesthetic of your wedding reception, complement the venue, and highlight your wedding colors. However, that doesn’t mean you have to make your centerpieces look like every other wedding on Instagram. If you’re looking for wedding centerpiece ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some unique and incredible centerpiece ideas for you to consider.

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Floral Garland

A long, dramatic floral garland would be the perfect centerpiece for any flower lover. You can make fluffy, full garlands with any variety of flowers. If you love the look of a floral garland but want a more affordable option, you can opt for a garland made entirely out of greenery or baby’s breath. Each of these alternative options will look stunning while being much more affordable.


For a more rustic touch, you can use wood lanterns with a farmhouse-style look of weathered paint. For a more modern look, try structured lanterns made from metal or stained wood. You can make your lanterns extra unique and magical by using clear glass lanterns with metallic framing and filling them with delicate fairy lights. Even mason jars would work perfectly as a simple and pretty lantern.

Use Metallic Touches

If you have a metallic color in your wedding color palette, such as copper, silver, rose gold, or yellow gold, don’t forget to use metallic touches in your centerpieces. You can do this by finding candleholders, lanterns, bud vases, frames, and more that match your metallic color scheme. You can also paint these objects if they don’t quite match. This will make the metallic of your centerpiece really pop.

Wood Flower Centerpiece Kits

If you’re looking for centerpieces that are affordable and beautiful, try using wood flower centerpiece kits. These centerpiece kits from Sola Wood Flowers come with all the supplies you need to create DIY wedding centerpieces that match your wedding flowers perfectly. You can even personalize them by custom-dying your wood flowers to match your unique color palette. These centerpiece kits will work perfectly for smaller reception tables. You can also scatter them down the length of a long table, but you might want some greenery to connect them and fill the empty space.

Minimalist Centerpieces

If you’re not in love with maximalism, try putting together minimalist centerpieces instead. The minimalist style will help you to have inexpensive wedding centerpieces that still look stunning. Placing wildflowers in bud vases or thrifted, vintage glassware will give you a bohemian look that is beautiful and affordable. For a pop of vibrancy, try finding colored glassware that will pair well with the color scheme of your flowers. You can also add polaroids, framed pictures, greenery sprigs, and small objects with personal meaning.

Potted Plants and Topiaries

If you love the look of flowers but want to create something more affordable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly, try using potted plants and topiaries instead. Using these types of plants can spread natural beauty around your reception venue. Plus, once your big day is over, you can reuse the plants and topiaries as decorations at your home. You can even create a small display of potted succulents and moss that is adorable and aesthetically pleasing. The succulents could even double as wedding favors.

Long Wooden Runners

Are you looking for more rustic centerpiece inspiration? Try using long wooden runners cut from wood slices or reclaimed wood. These table runners can bring an earthy texture and natural warmth to your wedding table display. You can top these runners with candles, flowers, and pictures, or leave them be.

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 Holiday Floating Candles

Floating candles in tall glass vases have been very popular over the past few years, and for good reason. This centerpiece idea is elegant and beautiful, no matter what your wedding style is. You can make this centerpiece style even more unique and festive by adding pinecones and holiday berries to the water in the vases before topping them off with your floating candles. These easy DIY wedding centerpieces will look stunning while perfectly embodying the aesthetic of the holidays for a winter wedding.

Add In Some Fruit

There are many ways to incorporate fruit into your centerpieces. On smaller tables, you can use small fruit plants, like a lemon tree, as your centerpiece. On longer tables, you can put down some greenery and work a few flowers and different fruits into the arrangement. Fruit can add a delightful and unique variety of textures and colors. For example, adding apples, blueberries, pomegranates, and more will give your centerpieces a nature-inspired feel. You can also add a mixture of whole citrus and dried slices of citrus for a vibrant, beautiful look. This approach is especially popular for winter weddings when you don’t want to go with the classic red and green Christmas color palette.

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Use Dried Flowers

Don’t forget about dried flowers! Over the past few years, pampas grass has become the star of the show in the world of dried florals. It adds a beautiful, voluminous, neutral look to any flower arrangement. You can even keep things quite simple by creating your centerpieces entirely out of pampas grass and a few other preserved or faux fillers. If your wood flower arrangement is looking a little flat and thin, try adding in some wood flowers for extra volume and drama!

Drape Fabric

You can drape fabric across your tabletop for an elegant look. Raw-edged chiffon or silk are popular choices for this pretty look. This draped fabric look can also be transformed into a bohemian or western rustic style by using printed or woven fabric instead. For a nautical, beachy look, try dip-dying linen fabric that you can drape across the tabletop. You can also wrap your candles or vases in the fabric to tie in your wedding colors with these dreamy fabric textures.

Decorative Vases

If you have beautiful, decorative vases that match your wedding colors, incorporate them into your centerpieces. This can create a unique, elevated look that will be a focal point of your wedding reception. Intricate glass vases, blue and white porcelain vases, or terracotta clay vases are all examples of unique, decorative vases that would make a statement as a centerpiece. These gorgeous vases don’t even need flowers, but you can add a few blossoms, sprigs of greenery, or strands of fairy lights for a magical touch.

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Candles are a great choice for a centerpiece that is classy, attractive, and affordable. From thicker candles placed on wood slices to lantern candles to thin, tapered candles in pretty candlesticks, there are many different styles of candles you can use to bring some light and beauty to your wedding venue.

Tall Blossom Branches

Do you want more height and drama in your centerpieces? If so, try filling clear glass vases (or any vases that match your venue and aesthetic) with tall blossom branches. This statuesque style is particularly popular in the spring when you can use fluffy blossom branches to fill the space of your centerpieces. However, branches will fall leaves or winter berries could also be a gorgeous seasonal choice.

So, as you’re planning your wedding reception decorations, don’t forget about this article. These unique wedding centerpiece ideas will help you to come up with a wedding aesthetic that is incredible and personalized according to your unique wedding vision. For more pretty wedding centerpiece ideas and inspiration, check out this article from The Knot!