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10 Unique Ways to Use Artificial Greenery on Your Wedding Day

Finding your personal style for your wedding flowers is a huge responsibility, especially if you’re on a limited budget. Luckily, using greenery in your wedding flower arrangements can be trendy and budget-friendly, whether you include lots of other wedding flowers or not. If you’re going for a boho, natural look, artificial greenery is definitely a must-have. Artificial greenery is much more affordable and sustainable than fresh greenery, which makes it a great choice for your wedding day.

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1. Greenery Table Runner

First, one of the most popular ways to use greenery for a wedding is to create a greenery table runner. If you have long tables at your reception or even rehearsal dinner, this type of arrangement will surely wow your guests. A greenery table runner can be as simple or complex as you’d like. If you want the greenery to speak for itself, just layer it in for a voluminous look. If you want more simple greenery paired with artificial flowers, candles, or other decorative elements, lay down a few more sparse sprigs of greenery. Then you can layer your other decorations among the leaves or even on top of the greenery. Either of these approaches will leave you with a gorgeous table runner that isn’t insanely expensive.

2. Artificial Greenery Wall

If you’re going for more of a high-impact look with your wedding greenery, try creating a greenery wall out of artificial greenery. This type of floral decoration will be dramatic and voluminous, and will surely draw lots of reactions from your guests. You can easily DIY this look by using a wall base with floral foam, chicken wire, or holes to stick the greenery sprigs into. For an easier approach, you can even tape your greenery sprigs to a spare piece of plywood or particle board using heavy-duty tape. Just make sure you carefully layer your greenery so you can’t see the tape poking through. Once your artificial greenery wall is created, you can put a trendy neon sign on top of it, place your wedding signage in front of it, or even use it as a backdrop for your receiving line or wedding bar. The possibilities are truly endless with this gorgeous greenery wall in your wedding decor supplies.

3. Topiary Centerpieces

Are you looking for a more sustainable option for wedding flowers as opposed to fresh flowers that will wilt overnight? If so, try using artificial & dried flowers & greenery to create adorable floral centerpieces that will be romantic and reusable. Whether your wedding reception tables are large or small, a few of these topiaries will make them look pretty and complete. For an extra elegant look, try draping some fabric across the table underneath the topiaries, or add some small candles around them. Plus, topiaries made from artificial greenery can be reused as home decor items after your wedding.

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4. Whimsical Greenery Chandeliers

One of the big wedding decor trends this year has been overhead floral installations. You can hop on this trend with a greenery-inspired and budget-friendly version: whimsical greenery chandeliers. You can create and hang these romantic chandeliers throughout your reception or ceremony venue. To DIY a greenery chandelier, use a wreath form, such as a floral foam wreath form, as your chandelier shape. Attach fishing wire (or your desired hanging material) to the top of the chandelier form until it hangs at a satisfactory height and angle. Then, start sticking in your different pieces of greenery until the form is entirely covered. Don’t be afraid to leave longer, drooping parts of greenery hanging down as this will give your chandeliers an extra whimsical feel.

5. Draping Greenery Garland

A greenery garland is one of the most classic floral decorations. It has been steadily popular for years since it is such a timeless addition to any wedding. You can decorate tables, walls, railings, arbors, windows, doorways, archways, and more with draping greenery garland. If you have a spot in your reception or ceremony venue that is looking a little sparse and empty, add a beautiful draping greenery garland. This will tie in the rest of your decorations and complete your wedding look.

6. Greenery Lined Stairs

If you have a large staircase that you want to decorate, try lining the sides of the staircase with greenery. While you could wrap your stairway railing with a greenery garland, lining the actual stairs with long sprigs of greenery could give you a more unique look. This approach will make your greenery look a little more boho and natural without so much traditional structure. For an extra romantic touch, you can sprinkle roses (or rose petals) throughout the greenery. Then, place some white candles in clear glass vases throughout the greenery. Just make sure you leave a large pathway for your guests to easily maneuver the stairs.

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7. Greenery Lined Signage

Is your wedding signage looking a little bare and boring? You can easily spruce up your signs by adding some longer branches or sprigs of greenery across the top or bottom. This is especially easy if your signs are placed on easels because you can loop the greenery in through the easel hooks. This will make your wedding signs, such as your ceremony schedule or seating chart, look extra festive and beautiful.

8. Greenery Chair Hangings

You can easily upgrade your wedding ceremony or reception seating with a little bit of greenery. A few longer pieces of greenery can create the cutest mini wreaths with just a little bit of floral tape or floral wire. Then, attach the wreaths to the back of the chairs using some twine, lace, or pretty ribbon. You can also create cute little flower cones to put greenery and flower petals in that guests can throw when you’re coming back down the aisle. Incorporating greenery throughout your venue will give it a cohesive look.

9. Nature-Inspired Ceremony Installations

If you want to create a magical environment for your wedding ceremony, you should definitely include some nature-inspired floral installations in your plans. These installations can line the aisle, frame the entrance, or create a backdrop for your wedding altar location, just to name a few ideas. However, keep in mind that large floral installations can quickly become expensive, unless you use more affordable options, such as wood flowers and artificial greenery.

10. Bud Vase Seating Chart Wall

If you want to create a seating chart that is totally unique, try making this seating chart wall with bud vases of greenery or potted plants. First, you’ll need a structure such as a ladder or vertical  plant holder to place your bud vases or pots on. Next, you’ll want to label your pretty plants. You can write or engrave the names and seat numbers on each bud vase or plant pot. You can also stick a cute little sign into the greenery so it will be visible above the pot’s edge. This seating chart wall will help to direct your guests to know where to go in a way that is beautiful and functional.

So, if you don’t want flowers to overwhelm your wedding day and decor, remember these 10 unique ways to use greenery to spruce up your wedding venue and day. You’ll love the magical look that the textures and colors of greenery create in these different decorations. Are you looking for more ideas on how to incorporate artificial greenery into your wedding flowers and decor? Click here to view this helpful article from Brides.com for 25 more ideas!