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The Most Popular Greenery Wedding Decor Styles for 2023

Not every bride loves an ultra-bright, flower-packed look for her wedding day. If you love greenery, this article is for you. Greenery can be used to create stunning and unique wedding decorations. Whether your personal style is more traditional or more bohemian, you’ll be able to achieve a greenery look that matches your aesthetic in a timeless way. So, if you’ve been searching for good ideas for greenery wedding decor, look no further.

Wedding Greenery

Wedding greenery has become increasingly popular over the past few years for many reasons. Different types of greenery are readily accessible throughout the year, which is a lot easier to work with compared to flowers that are constantly going in and out of season. Greenery also works with a huge variety of wedding styles and aesthetics and can be formed to fit your wedding vision, no matter how unique it may be. Greenery is generally more cost-effective and affordable than large floral decorations and installations, which is a big benefit if you have a limited budget for your wedding flowers. It is even more affordable to use artificial greenery and flowers, which are highly realistic and don’t need to be watered or constantly maintained.

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Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

There are many different styles of centerpieces that include greenery. If you have long, large tables that you need to decorate, one style that could be successful is a table runner made from full greenery garland. These types of garlands are often made with floral foam to give them extra volume. You can also use potted greenery plants, topiaries, or even smaller trees to give luxurious height and drama to your wedding tables.

If you have other objects you want to place on your tables or don’t want the centerpieces to take up so much space, you can alternatively use thin, long strands of greenery such as eucalyptus. Less is more with this centerpiece style! For smaller table centerpieces, try making a wreath or circular shape of greenery. You can then place candles or framed photos in the middle to personalize the table decor. You can also place a variety of greenery in bud vases for more of a minimalistic look.

Greenery Ceremony Arch

Your ceremony backdrop is already supposed to be a major focal point of your wedding, so adding this greenery ceremony arch to your plans will be extremely eye-catching. You can create a full greenery ceremony arch by wrapping your arch with floral foam and chicken wire and sticking greenery everywhere. Your resulting arch will be voluminous and dramatic, almost mimicking the look of an ivy-wrapped tree. If you want more of a minimalist look, try wrapping your wooden ceremony arch with a few thinner strands of greenery. This will be elegant and beautiful without being overwhelming.

Greenery-Embellished Seating

Does your wedding ceremony seating look a little boring? You can easily spruce it up with some greenery embellishments. If you have benches or larger seats as part of your ceremony, you can drape them with long garlands of greenery. You can also create individual seat decorations with small wreaths or greenery sprigs that can be hung off the back of your ceremony chairs using some rustic twine, pretty ribbon, or intricate lace. Even though these touches might not seem necessary, they’ll make your ceremony decor seem much more cohesive, intentional, and beautiful.

Greenery Aisle Decor

Don’t forget about your ceremony when you’re planning your wedding greenery decor. You can create gorgeous greenery aisle decor in a variety of styles. From potted greenery to whimsical installations to simple scattered leaves, there are many gorgeous ways to dress up your wedding ceremony aisle. You can also use greenery to create aisle runners that will line your pathway beautifully. Your greenery aisle decor is sure to be stunning if you have an outdoor venue as it will heighten the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Greenery Wall

A thick, voluminous greenery wall will be sure to make a statement at your wedding venue. Depending on your personal style, you can personalize your greenery wall with tropical leaves, boho eucalyptus, or other unique types of greenery. If you’re going for a dramatic look, the fuller and longer the greenery, the better. You can use this as a backdrop for your ceremony or reception, or simply use it as a photo-op spot for your guests. To spruce up your greenery wall, try adding a beautiful sign with a romantic saying. You could use an acrylic sign, wooden cutout, or neon sign to have a dramatic effect against the backdrop of the gorgeous greenery textures.

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Greenery Wedding Bouquet

If you don’t want a wedding bouquet with bright flowers, try designing a wedding bouquet with greenery instead. Olive branch leaves or eucalyptus sprigs are both popular options for greenery wedding bouquets because of their delicate leaves and romantic drooping shapes. However, there are many different types of greenery, filler, and foliage that you can include in your wedding bouquet for a unique, showstopping look. If your all-greenery bouquet looks a little incomplete, you can add white flowers or wood flowers for a neutral, nature-inspired touch that will complement your greenery. You can even give your bridesmaids stunning bouquets made entirely out of greenery to help your bridal bouquet stand out even more. Greenery wreaths will also be a unique, decorative option that will be easy for your bridesmaids to carry.

Overhead Greenery

From whimsical greenery chandeliers to hanging greenery hoops to draping overhead garlands, there are many options for overhead greenery installations. Trailing, draping ferns and greenery will bring romantic touches of nature into your wedding venue, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You can even use large, white balloons with greenery streamers attached for a simple and gorgeous overhead look. Some installations will be more delicate and refined while other options will be more dramatic and high-impact. However, any type of overhead greenery installation will make your venue decor look more cohesive and complete. Talk about a gorgeous focal point for your wedding!

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Other Greenery Wedding Decor

There are lots of simple and minimalistic ways to incorporate greenery into your wedding decor. If you don’t want your greenery to take up a lot of space (or cost a lot of money) you should try one of these more simple ideas. For example, you could create mini wreaths out of a few greenery sprigs to place in the center of tables or to hang on the back of your chairs. You could also put a few strands or branches of greenery in vases at the center of your tables. For a more rustic look, place circular slices of raw wood in the center of your tables. Then, place candles or pictures on top with a few small strands of greenery. This is a beautiful and affordable decorative look. If you want to dress up your place settings, try putting small sprigs of greenery on top of the plates, or create napkin wrings with flexible pieces of greenery. This is especially festive when you use evergreen sprigs for a winter wedding. You can even DIY some of these decorations with wedding flower craft kits!

So, if you’re in the middle of wedding planning and trying to design your flowers, remember these greenery wedding ideas. With the help of this inspiration, you’ll be able to achieve the romantic, timeless wedding look of your dreams. For more ideas on how to decorate your wedding with popular greenery decor styles, check out this article from Bridal Guide!