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Types of Greenery You Should Use in Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Let’s face it, wedding flowers can be outrageously expensive. The more flowers you use in your wedding arrangements, the more expensive your floral bill will be. So, if you’re trying to stick to a budget while still having a stylish look, try using more greenery instead. When you use more greenery in your arrangements, you’ll be able to lower your floral bill without sacrificing your personal wedding style. Greenery is beautiful and affordable and can be styled to match any wedding aesthetic. Are you wondering what type of greenery you should choose? Here are a few helpful suggestions for some of the most popular greenery types in wedding flowers.

Types of Greenery

There are many different types of greenery that would be affordable and beautiful options for your wedding flowers. You can keep your wedding flowers more affordable by using wood flowers and artificial greenery. Preserved and/or artificial greenery and floral fillers are often very realistic looking and much more affordable than fresh options. Plus, they’re easy to maintain since they don’t need to be watered or kept in cooler temperatures. Keep this in mind as you’re stocking up on your greenery for your wedding flowers!

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is a gorgeous option for floral filler in your wedding arrangements. Baby’s breath has tiny, lace-like flowers and delicate stems that splay out for a pretty, voluminous look. Sprigs of baby’s breath can be trimmed down to fill small gaps in arrangements or left in large bunches for a cloud-like appearance. One big trend that has risen in popularity over the past year is a painted baby’s breath installation. Whether you’re making a wedding arch or overhead installation with baby’s breath, you can spray paint the tiny flowers for a magical effect. Plus, dried and preserved baby’s breath is just as beautiful as fresh baby’s breath and even more affordable.

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A few of the most popular types of Eucalyptus are Eucalyptus “Baby Blue” and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is one of the most commonly used types of greenery for wedding flower arrangements. Its large, circular leaves and faded green color make it a popular choice for many brides and florists. Baby Blue Eucalyptus has smaller, closer leaves, a wonderful, fragrant scent, and an aesthetically-pleasing dusty green color that looks beautiful with many wedding color schemes. Seeded Eucalyptus also has larger leaves and delicate little seed details that can nicely fill in gaps in your floral arrangements. These types of Eucalyptus leaves and branches are widely used in wedding flower arrangements and other decorative flower arrangements.

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a great choice for a romantic floral arrangement with other dusty and faded colors such as blush, sage, or baby blue. Its intricately shaped leaves can be a bit floppy and flexible, giving the perfect drape that your arrangements required. Each Dusty Miller leaf is covered with small silver or white hairs that give the leaves a trendy faded sage look.

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Leather Leaf Fern

If you’re looking for a bold greenery option, Leather Leaf Fern would be a great choice. Leather Leaf Fern often has medium to dark green shades and will be a more dramatic addition to any flower arrangement. With its detailed, intricate leaves that narrow into a lovely tipped shape, Leather Leaf Fern will surely be a focal point in your wedding flowers.

Bunny Tail

The Bunny Tail Flower is the perfect bohemian floral filler for your wedding flowers. These textured, poofy grasses are small, delicate, and very unique. They come in lovely shades of cream, white, and light tan, which make them the perfect neutral addition to any arrangement. Bunny Tails are most popularly paired with dried flowers, wood flowers, and other rustic or boho wedding flower arrangements. They would be an ideal choice if you have a neutral color scheme or western wedding theme.


Boxwood greenery is a gorgeous evergreen with lots of vibrant green tones. It has lots of small, rounded leaves with a nice shine and voluminous size that make it a great addition to floral installations. Boxwood greenery is also perfect for non-traditional wedding arrangements such as topiaries, wreaths, and more. Dried boxwood is just as vibrant and full as fresh boxwood, and it is easier to arrange and maintain. Even if you don’t want dark greenery in your bouquets, this would be a sturdy, bold choice for any centerpieces or floral installations.

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Olive Branch

An olive branch is historically a symbol of peace, and that is exactly the feeling that this beautiful greenery will bring you. With muted colors of sage and olive green, this greenery will work with many trendy color palettes. The long, delicate leaves of an olive branch drape gracefully and beautifully, making any arrangement more high-impact. This type of greenery would be perfect for a cascade or hand-tied bridal bouquet as they’d help to create a dramatic shape.

Tropical Leaves

If you’re having a destination wedding in a warm location, you should definitely consider working some tropical leaves into your wedding flower arrangements. There are lots of different tropical leaves in a variety of sizes and styles that you could use. Monstera Leaf, Palmetto Fan, Sago Palm, Banana Leaf, Areca Palm, and Elephant Ear are a few popular styles that will give the perfect tropical touch to your arrangements. Add a few tropical flowers and you’ll have the ideal wedding flowers for your location and venue.


Ivy is well-known for its pretty, star-like shake, delicate leaves, intricate colors, and curling vines. Ivy leaf is often seen covering trees or buildings, but it can look gorgeous when harvested and included in wedding flower arrangements. These tiny leaves will look dreamy as they curl out of your arrangements with a splash of different shades of green. Whether you’re designing your wedding bouquet, corsages, or ceremony installations, delicate Ivy will be a great choice.

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Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus is another commonly used type of greenery because of its long, thin leaves and delicate stems. This greenery can be incorporated in sparse, complementary spots, or in fuller arrangements for a voluminous look. Italian Ruscus generally has shiny, dark green leaves, but some artificial versions may have more dusty-green or medium-green leaves. Israeli Ruscus is similar to Italian Ruscus but has more rounded leaves on singular branches, giving it a nice, full look. However, Israeli Ruscus can be a little bit more rigid and difficult to arrange.


Plumosus is like the delicate, light cousin of Leather Leaf Fern. It still has the intricate features of the fern leaf but is much more airy and petite. If you love the look of Leather Leaf Fern but don’t want your greenery to overtake your flowers entirely, you might love using Plumosus. This greenery usually comes in large bunches but can be separated to use in all sorts of arrangements, including intricate bouquets and delicate corsages. Their stems are generally quite long, so they would also work well in a floral installation. You can even stick some Plumosus in detailed bud vases for a gorgeous, lacey look as part of your wedding centerpieces.

Check out this helpful article from Fifty Flowers for more ideas of greenery and floral filler that you could add to your wedding flower arrangements! Whether you’re making your own DIY wedding flowers or having a florist arrange them for you, you’ll need to know what specific greenery and flowers you’d like to use. This will help you to more successfully achieve your wedding flower vision.