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How to Use Baby's Breath in Bouquets and Other Wedding Flowers

In the past, most people have thought of baby’s breath as a filler flower that you stick into arrangements at the last minute to fill empty space. However, it has been highly underrated for its beauty and potential in wedding flower arrangements. In the most recent wedding season, baby’s breath has started to become more popular as brides and florists alike have gained a greater appreciation for its beauty and versatility. You can make baby’s breath bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, decorations, and more. Here are a few trendy and creative ways to use baby’s breath in your bouquets, decorations, and other wedding flower arrangements. If you’re not familiar with this dainty, airy flower, check out this ultimate guide to baby’s breath.

Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet for Brides

Structured bridal bouquets that are thick with flowers and stuffed with color used to be all the rage. However, in recent years, more brides have been choosing looser, more bohemian bouquet styles that let the natural beauty of their flowers truly stand out. Bouquet shapes like cascade bouquets, hand-tied bouquets, and more have a free-flowing form that works really well with flowers such as baby’s breath. Just add some different types and lengths of greenery and you’ll be ready to go! Larger, more traditional flowers aren’t even necessary with this bouquet style. You can also use painted baby’s breath if you want a more unique bridal bouquet look. You can use spray paint or glitter to give your baby’s breath a trendy shade that will match your wedding color scheme perfectly. As a pretty finishing touch, add some trailing lace or raw-edged silk ribbon in long streamers. You’ll fall in love with the look of your baby’s breath wedding bouquet. Plus, baby’s breath is really easy to work with if you’re planning to DIY your own bridal bouquet and/or other floral arrangements.

Baby's breath Bouquet Preserved baby's breath Greenery

Baby’s Breath Ceiling Installations

One of the trendiest, most innovative ways to use baby’s breath for your wedding decor is to create ceiling installations. Baby’s breath already has gorgeous, tiny flowers and delicate stems, so when many sprigs are gathered together, they have a truly magical effect. If your venue feels empty or has a boring ceiling/overhead area, consider adding a baby’s breath installation. Your result will be a puffy, cloud-like collection of flowers that flows in a romantic, other-worldly shape. You can create a baby’s breath ceiling installation by securing some floral foam and chicken wire to your ceiling in your desired installation shape. After preparing and possibly painting your baby’s breath, start sticking it into the floral foam and chicken wire until no empty gaps are showing. The resulting look will be voluminous and dramatic. Your baby’s breath ceiling installation will sure to be an attention-grabber at your wedding venue.

Baby’s Breath Bridesmaid Bouquet

Baby’s breath bridesmaid bouquets are perhaps the most common and popular use for baby’s breath in wedding arrangements. The small, simple flowers can be perfectly paired with greenery (and small flowers or floral fillers) for a gorgeous look. Even if you’re going to have larger, more traditional flowers in your bridal bouquet, it can be a great choice to have baby’s breath bouquets for your bridesmaids. This will help to differentiate between the bouquets and add a beautiful sense of variety in the colors and flowers used for your wedding party. Your bridesmaids will love to hold these pretty bouquets throughout your wedding day, and they’ll look stunning in your wedding photos.

Baby’s Breath Corsages and Boutonnieres

When you’re planning out your wedding flowers, don’t forget about the rest of your wedding party! You’ll want to provide boutonnieres for your groom and groomsmen. You’ll also likely want corsages and boutonnieres for your parents, grandparents, and other close family members. Luckily, you can keep these arrangements attractive and affordable by using baby’s breath. You’ll only need a small sprig of baby’s breath to add a touch of drama and style to your corsages and boutonnieres. Pair your baby’s breath sprig with some stylish greenery and floral filler and your arrangements will be complete! It can truly be as simple as that. For larger corsages, you might also choose to include a small flower such as a rosebud, but the baby’s breath is totally capable of standing on its own in such a delicate arrangement.

Baby's breath greenery Baby's breath corsage Baby's breath boutonniere

Baby’s Breath Bud Vases

If you want to add some touches of floral decor to your reception or ceremony venues, don’t underestimate the power of baby’s breath. Baby’s breath can add a lot of beauty to your wedding at an extremely affordable price.  Just one bunch of baby’s breath can go a long way and be used in many different decorative touches. For example, you can create simple, minimalistic centerpieces by collecting some pretty bud vases or vintage bottles and placing small sprigs of baby’s breath in them. These bud vases look gorgeous on their own, but you can also add small pieces of greenery for extra drama. To complete your centerpiece, add a rustic wood slice, framed picture, candle, lantern, or any other pretty piece of decor.

Baby’s Breath Ceremony Decor

Your wedding ceremony decor can also be perfectly complemented by some baby’s breath flowers. This will help you to have a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing ceremony space without spending thousands of dollars on flowers. You can line your aisle with dramatic, standing arrangements of baby’s breath, or tie smaller sprigs to the backs of your ceremony chairs with some pretty ribbon. You could even scatter small pieces of baby’s breath down the aisle for a romantic look. If you have an arbor or archway framing the spot where you’ll exchange vows, try adding a few (or many) touches of baby’s breath for a neutral, ethereal result. Wedding arches packed with thick pieces of baby’s breath have been particularly popular this wedding season. You can spruce up any table by arranging baby’s breath in a pretty table-runner shape or by placing a baby’s breath bouquet in a pretty vase. Even your wedding signage, such as your ceremony schedule or seating chart, can be benefitted from a touch of baby’s breath. Just secure a few pieces of baby’s breath together with some floral tape or wire, add some pretty ribbon streamers, and you’ll have the perfect, whimsical decoration for your wedding signs.

preserved baby's breath flowers dried baby's breath flowers Baby's breath bouquet

Other Baby’s Breath Decorations

Here are a few more creative ways to use baby’s breath in your wedding decorations. You can tie small baby’s breath sprigs to your glasses and add some extra style to your wedding bar. Some brides even float baby’s breath in their drinks for an elegant look. You can also spruce up your place settings by creating napkin rings out of baby’s breath. Baby’s breath can even be used to create a large shape or sign, such as your initials or new last name. Just make sure you have plenty of floral foam and chicken wire to work with!

So, if you love the look of baby’s breath, don’t shy away from using it in your wedding flowers in many different ways. These lacey, delicate flowers can be a real show-stopper if you give them enough attention in your arrangements. Remember, preserved baby’s breath is just as beautiful and voluminous as fresh baby’s breath, and it is much cheaper to buy and easier to maintain. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate baby’s breath into your wedding flowers and decor, check out this article from for additional inspiration.