What Happened to Eco Flower?


meagan chapman founder Eco Flower

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Meagan and I am the original founder of Eco Flower.  Before I tell you what happened to Eco Flower, let me give you a quick re-cap of my involvement in the business.  

I started the business out of my home.  I took on a business partner name Alex Ledoux.  Shortly after that, we took on more business partners.  The partnership was intended to be a silent partnership with a local investment firm called JW Capital.  The partnership didn't go as planned and it is my opinion that their involvement was the demise of Eco Flower.  The decision to hire a CEO named John Allard was the moment I wish I could take back.  At first, I agreed he would be great for the business, but as time went on, I realized we had made a monumental error.  I was not able to voice my concerns with my investors because they were convinced John was the answer to the businesses growth and I was standing in the way with my rocky marriage and emotional outbursts.  

When I started the business, it was my goal to be on the TV show called Shark Tank.  After four tries, I finally succeeded.  Unfortunately, during the filming process, the relationship between myself and all the investors was crumbling.  

My original business partner, Alex Ledoux, left a few weeks before it aired on good terms due to personal reasons.  He was my rock and and an amazing business partner! In his absence however, my shares went from 25% to 33%.  Sounds great right? No. The other 66% belonged to the investment firm making them majority share holder.  

These shares belonged to the owners of JW Capital.  Their names are Ryan Westwood and Travis Johnson.  

In an effort to keep up with the growing business, they convinced me it was time to hire a CEO.  They did not trust me with this job.  It was the running joke that I was a crazy woman who needed to be babysat at work because of my emotional out bursts and temper.  Ok.  I will say that I did act crazy at work due to the fact I had no control.  Employees were allowed to do drugs with my husband, I was the topic of all gossip on the warehouse floor, and the employees were allowed to run rabid with my personal life because in my opinion, the general manager and CEO fed off drama.  There were the constant private meetings which I was forbidden from attending and employees were allowed to hang out in the general managers office to do nothing more than talk about me.  I was an owner of this business.  Why was this behavior allowed?  Can you imagine a male business owner allowing this?  I believe it was allowed because I was a female and I was not respected.  Instead of trying to protect the owner, I was called crazy, delusional, and bipolar by employees, management, and my business partners. 

One morning, my addict husband confessed that he did drugs with one of my employees (again).  I was fed up and so I demanded that she be drug tested (even though I would have preferred she be fired on the spot).  The general manager, who was her friend, refused to do the drug test.  It was that moment that I realized I would never be respected or have any authority in the business I started.  I walked out that day with my pet snake and my personal assistant.  

 I left behind 120 employees, $7.2 million in sales, and a monthly salary of $2,000.  Yes, I realize the salary is laughable and at the time, I didn't realize how unfair it was.  Before Eco Flower, I was a single Mom living on welfare.  $2,000/month with the occasional bonus seemed fair at the time.  

I miss Eco Flower and it's heart breaking that it never reached it's full potential.  Shortly after my departure, the business was in trouble and it struggled for the next 12 months to stay in business.  It went from a company that employed over 100 people to less than a dozen.  The general manager and CEO kept pushing sales for inventory they didn't have and some wonder if it was ever going to come.  Even after the company closed it's doors in April 2018, the website remained active and they continued to leave the website active and run promotions despite the fact that nobody worked there.  

Former management will tell you the company failed because Shark Tank brought too much exposure.  Nobody will ever know exactly why it closed, but in my opinion, when they lost the founder, the business was doomed.  It is also my opinion that financial crimes were being committed and I was a threat to those who were trying to take advantage of the massive amounts of revenue this business generated.

In the end, the only people who cared for the business were the employees.  Their love for Eco Flower could not save her.  

Since it's closing, Eco Flower has been tied up in court with the Utah Consumer Protection Agency and there is even a rumor that the CEO is wanted for questioning by the FBI.  

Do you want the good news? I was able to start over.  Shortly after I left Eco Flower in 2016, I started a new company called www.solawoodflowers.com. I have now been in business for two years.  Every single order is fulfilled, no debt, and the business is thriving under the direction of a female CEO.  Weird huh?  

I don't know if the owners of JW Capital were friend or foe.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt, especially Ryan Westwood.  In my opinion, he's a good dude and his role in this was minimal at best.  Travis Johnson never liked me, but I don't think he would have ever done anything to intentionally bring harm to Eco Flower.  My blame lies in the CEO John Allard and the General Manager Jasen Dowdy.  In my experience, they thrived off drama and had a hard time staying focused on the business.  

If you were affected by the poor business practices of the management of Eco Flower, there is still hope.  You can contact the Utah Consumer Protection Agency.  

If you are still interested in wood flowers, check out my new business Sola Wood Flowers.

Here are a few photos of my journey with Eco Flower.  After I left Eco, they deleted any photos of me on their social media, so I lost most of my memories, but I still have these.  

Eco Flower's first employees (the early days) Me and my first business partner Alex Ledoux The Eco Flower building.My first storage solution for my flowers (when I ran the business out of my house).Eco Flower staffeco flower move in daydipping flowers at eco flower



I was curious what happened to Eco Flower after I filed for unemployment again due to the pandemic. Back in 2017 I had filed for unemployment and a stipulation to receiving payment was applying to 4 jobs every week. One of those jobs was customer service at Eco Flower. I had an interview and toured the warehouse – everything looked great on the surface. Once I got home I went to Eco Flower’s Facebook page and right away I knew something was off. I noticed promotional posts by the page and lots of angry comments by customers. I even commented trying to provide solace to customers because if I got the job I wanted to address their concerns. Shortly after that I noticed the page was deleting all the comments and I was contacted by the recruiter asking me not to get involved on Facebook. I was offered a job but I did not accept because I couldn’t be apart of their cover up. The unemployment office even agreed with me. I’m sorry you had to go through all that but we both dodged a bullet by walking away. I’m happy to hear that you’re still making you’re beautiful bouquets and you are your own boss!

Piper Kano April 16, 2020

Loved ecoflower HATED the slowness of shipping. Is it different now??

Kera Mizok March 09, 2020

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry for your horrible treatment and experience, but I know God never puts us through things just because, he does it to help us learn and grow from it all. I know as a fact that people that are hateful and evil and hurtful will pay for it on a special day, we need not lift one finger in that justice. I just place a big order, well…big for me, Me and my husband started a small canvas painting business and we are also doing gift baskets. Just did valentine’s and omg it was crazy but it made me excited about our future! I’m trying to get prepared for Easter and mother’s day! I hope we do well with your items! Thank you! God bless!!!!!

Maryhelen Delgado February 27, 2020

I purchased Eco Flowers from you before you even went to Shark Tank – I still have my arrangements on display at home! Just now when I came across solawoodflowers.com I started shopping around on there and thought “wait, this is probably a competitor of Eco Flowers and I’d rather support that business again” … and after googling I arrived at this story. I am so so so happy to hear you were able to start over and be successful. Congrats!

Lindsay February 27, 2020

Wow. I ordered wedding flowers from eco flower in 2017, and I even subscribed to them at one point. I ended up getting my bouquet from elsewhere, of course. I knew something was up because I never got a straight answer on why I wasn’t getting my order(s). I wondered why solawood didn’t come up in my search at the time. Thanks for the backstory!

Carla Montgomery February 27, 2020

I am so proud of you for living your dream. I seen you on shark Tank, A lot of them sharks were kind of rude but I’m so glad you stood your ground. I’m so glad Damian come through for you are you showing girl what you got I know you can♥️

Colleen G. Fleischman February 27, 2020

I am so proud of you for living your dream. I seen you on shark Tank, A lot of them sharks were kind of rude but I’m so glad you stood your ground. I’m so glad Damian come through for you are you showing girl what you got I know you can♥️

Colleen G. Fleischman February 27, 2020

Thanks for sharing your story and providing context! Also for admitting ways you may have appeared to or have done wrong in your past business. Very nicely stated! Good job for staying strong and starting over!

Bailey February 27, 2020

Good Hardwork Meagan..keep it up

Tariq February 27, 2020

Wow, can’t believe I didn’t see this story when I first found Sola wood flowers. I found you completely by accident, found a woman on Etsy that makes bridal bouquets and we commissioned her to make my daughters bridal bouquet, but she was so busy she could only agree to do the bridal bouquet, so I decided to google the name Sola wood flowers that was in the title of her Etsy site about the bouquets, and that is how I found you and after watching the videos, I decided I could totally do this and make the attendants bouquets, so I placed my first order and waited for the delivery. Once they arrived I instantly Fell in Love and was so excited to take on this project. I was completely nervous but oh so excited! Well they turned out so Beautiful and everyone I know was completely shocked that I made them! It was my shining moment!! I told everyone about the Wonderful company I had found and people were just completely amazed by these flowers just as I was. And now reading this story, wow I am so completely Proud of you and proud for you. I am in complete awe of you! Congratulations on your complete success and God Bless You! Wow I would love to work for such a company and deal with such beautiful product! Best Wishes for your continued success Megan! All the Flowers for my daughters wedding came from Sola wood flowers and were a Huge Hit!!! Everyone was in complete Awe of the beauty of them and now we can have them for years to come . So very happy I found such a wonderful company and product. Congratulations again!!
Cindy Tavella In Florida

Cindy Tavella February 27, 2020

Congratulations on doing something you love and not only making it a success once, but twice!
You are an inspiration!

Lori July 08, 2019

Girl! I just looked you up because I had eco flowers for my wedding and someone just asked where I got them (because they were amazing, obviously) and I read this!! Holy cow! As a small handmade business that is 100% me this is a nightmare. I am so proud of you for starting over. Small business female CEOs unite!!

Caissie Roberts July 08, 2019

Wow!!! I am so sorry to hear this!!! I am also a woman in business and know exactly how it feels to have men intimidated by my strength. For so many years I was taken advantage of by men and in turn called the crazy one. I would take businesses to the next level and then they would push me out when they got to where they thought they needed to be… Truth is that most of them failed shortly after… so jokes on them.

I started out early managing a gym by the time I was 17. I was manager for good reason, I was damn good at what I did, however these guys did not like that a woman would do circles around them in sales and promotion. The catty ladies followed and did exactly what you spoke of in your story.

I honestly was looking you up because I was watching shark tank tonight. I totally didn’t agree with Barbra and (I can’t remember her name) saying they thought your flowers were cheap and people wouldn’t buy them! I was just about to make a decent sized order and then I saw this. They have the money to throw away floral arrangements, and I kind of find that offensive. I live very comfortably and I would much rather your flowers over real ones.

I am proud of you!!! It takes a lot to get punched and kicked in the face over and over again. I was for years! I am happy to say that that is no longer the case. I’m not a business owner but I am the top sales and marketing executive for a digital marketing firm, and I don’t have a bunch of haters anymore. Well maybe one, but it’s because he just doesn’t like being beaten by a girl all the time lol. He is also my biggest competition, so I give him slack ;).

I just relate to you so much! I am now going through a divorce with a man who made me out to be crazy too. I just want to say I appreciate you and you have a customer in me! I am looking up your website now to make a purchase.

I don’t know why I just wrote all this, but I want you to know you are not alone. You give me hope for woman in the future!

Lauren Hammond July 08, 2019

The realist thing I’ve ever read. <3

Grace July 08, 2019

Hey Maegan,

I just wanted to say that you are a very strong woman. I wish you all the best for Sola Wood Flowers.

With love from India.

Kaushal Kumar July 08, 2019

❤️ thanks for the update

Missmiami July 08, 2019

Hi, keep your dream business going. These could be great sellers to single men, living alone like widowers. I think you could canvas realtors who could buy them and sell them or just place them in homes they are trying to sell. Good luck. Your internet, like Facebook exposure should keep you in business.

Jim Freeze July 08, 2019

Keep up the great work Meagan!

Kenny July 08, 2019

I’m so happy that you were able to start over. I have personally bought some flowers from you from your new business-solawoodflowers. Keep up the good work and hope all continues to do well for you.

Jackie A Holton February 27, 2020

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