Sola Wood Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers are one of the most popular flowers for floral arrangements, and for a good reason. They feature delicate petals, stunning volume, and whimsical colors. However, fresh Hydrangeas can be a little bit difficult to care for since they wilt easily. If you love Hydrangeas but don’t want to spend a lot of money on flowers that will die quickly, these Sola Wood Hydrangeas will be perfect for you.

These Sola Wood Hydrangeas have been made from natural, wood-like material and carefully fashioned to imitate real Hydrangeas. However, these Sola Wood Hydrangeas will never need to be watered or misted to look gorgeous. Add these flowers to any arrangement for a full, voluminous, stunning effect. For example, you could create a large, cascading bouquet with the addition of other wood flowers and floral fillers. You could even create a flower wall or thick floral arch bursting with these Hydrangeas. Just putting a bunch of these Hydrangeas in a gorgeous vase will create a timeless, beautiful piece of home decor.

This Hydrangea bloom measures approximately 6" across and 11" in height from the top of the flowers to the bottom of the stem. These Sola Wood Hydrangea flowers are quite large in volume, so they are sold individually. Make sure to add multiple Hydrangeas to your cart if you’re going to be making a large floral display, installation, or arrangement. You can even personalize your Sola Wood Hydrangeas by dyeing them with some of our wood flower dye to achieve the perfect whimsical shade! Click here to view a tutorial on how to dye wood flowers and don’t forget to check out our dye color gallery.