Wood Flower Dye - 1 oz

Have you been shopping for our natural-colored flower packs? If so, you’ve probably wondered how you can dye these gorgeous, realistic-looking wood flowers into different shades. Luckily, we’ve created the perfect wood dye product for you. Our customized Wood Flower Dye is created with the most vibrant, trendy colors available in the floral crafting market today. No matter how unique your color scheme may be for your floral arrangement or craft, you’ll be able to find the colors that match your vision. Our team has been researching to provide you with the most gorgeous colors, and we have 63 different options to choose from!

To use our Wood Flower Dye, follow this article tutorial for tips. You can also view this helpful video tutorial for a more hands-on example of how to dye your flowers. You’ll mix this wood flower dye with our sola softener in a 1:10 ratio to create vibrant, gorgeous flowers that are also pliable, soft, and realistic-looking. Each of these 1 oz. bottles will color up to 4 wood flowers so make sure that you buy enough flower dye to color all of your beautiful wood flowers. Make sure to store your wood dye in a location where it won’t freeze, as this could damage its consistency and quality.

Are you wondering how our wood dye colors look when they’re applied to our wood flowers? You can check out our dye color gallery to find examples of our skin(wood flowers with bark details) and skinless(wood flowers without bark details) wood flowers that have been dyed using each of our dyes.