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The Best Wedding Flower Designs and Decorations of 2022

Hey brides! Are you planning your wedding for this year in 2022? As you’re doing your wedding planning, you’ve probably realized that you have a lot of different decisions to make. You’ll have to choose a wedding venue, a wedding dress, a color scheme, a food vendor, and much more. One of the most important decisions that you’ll make will be your wedding flowers. Your wedding flowers determine the aesthetic and vibe of your wedding ceremony and reception. They immediately transport your guests (and yourself) into a romantic atmosphere and environment, preparing them for a tender ceremony. 

This year, weddings are starting to get back to normal after COVID-19 limitations have been taken away from venues and wedding ceremony locations. For this reason, 2022 brides and wedding planners are making lots of new trends as they are, in a way, recreating parts of the wedding industry after years of lockdown weddings and socially distanced elopements. So, what does this mean for you? This means that the current wedding trends are fresh and unique, and aren’t reliant upon past traditions. You can have a unique, personalized wedding that is trendy and popular and aligns with the wedding aesthetic that you’ve always dreamed of. 

So, now that you know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to your wedding flower design, let’s get started! You’re going to love some of these floral ideas that we’ve gathered for you. They are on-trend and endlessly romantic! Here are some of 2022’s top wedding flower ideas.

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Cascading Bouquets

Cascading bouquets were popular in the early 1900s, but they were made extremely famous and popular when Princess Diana was married. She had an iconic cascading bouquet that looked incredibly royal and whimsical at the same time. And now, in 2022, cascading bouquets are making a huge comeback. Rather than being shaped in a sphere or oval shape, cascading bouquets almost seem to imitate the cascading water of a waterfall (hence the name). The flowers and greenery flow down from the top of the bouquet, where the bride is holding the stems. The bouquet narrows at the bottom until it comes down to the last few tendrils of greenery or flowers. Cascading bouquets are extremely popular right now because they look like they’ve been taken straight from nature. They aren’t super stiff or limited by their shape or form. Instead, they have a whimsical, natural shape that flows where the flowers take it in an utterly romantic way. You can make a gorgeous cascading bouquet no matter what your color scheme is, and you can use any flowers as well. From garden roses to orchids to mountain daisies, any flowers look romantic and bohemian in this type of bouquet.

cascading bouquet Sola wood flowers bridal bouquet

Wood Flowers and Dried Flowers

Another huge floral trend of 2022 is the use of wood flowers and dried flowers. These products are usually labeled as artificial flowers, but their origin of natural plant and wood material makes them unique and bohemian. Dried flowers are especially trendy in a neutral, desert wedding vibe. They come in lots of different neutral colors with stunning and unique textures. However, dried flowers alone can sometimes seem a little bit thin and sparse. This is where wood flowers come in. Wood flowers are created from a natural wood-like material that is a creamy white color. This makes them the perfect canvas to be dyed into any color, no matter how unique your color scheme may be. Wood flowers are also carefully shaped and designed to imitate the shapes of specific fresh flowers, such as roses, daisies, and more. These flowers look beautiful and highly realistic. The best part of using wood and dried flowers is that they’re extremely affordable. You can buy hundreds of wood flowers in bulk for the same price that you’d usually spend on one wedding bouquet. You can even buy DIY bouquet and arrangement kits, or order the bouquets to be done for you to save time and money. So, when you use wood and dried flowers, your budget for wedding flowers will go farther and you’ll be able to have even more floral decorations.

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Purple Color Schemes 

After all, periwinkle is the Pantone color of the year, so it has been popularly implemented in the wedding industry. If you want something a little bit more unique than, light pastel purples and blues, you can go for another purple color scheme that has been very trendy: bright, popping pastels. Pastel purples like bright lilac can be paired beautifully with bright pastels such as peach, coral, light yellow, and baby blue for a trendy, summery look. They can also be paired with pastel pink, pastel blue, and white for a romantic, Bridgerton-inspired look. In 2022, you can’t go wrong with including purple in your color schemes!

purple bouquet sola wood flowers bridal bouquet wedding decor

Nature-Inspired Textures

If you want some really unique floral arrangements that hearken back to the untouched beauty of nature, pay attention to the textures and colors that you use. Earthy neutrals are super popular right now, as was mentioned in the dried flowers section. You can use unique types of floral filler, greenery, and even natural materials, such as wood branches and sprigs to create really interesting textures. These materials will usually bring some natural tones into your flowers, such as green, brown, and tan, which are very bohemian and trendy.

All natural floral arrangements wedding decor ideas sola wood flowers

Giant Flower Installations

This year, larger-than-life flower installations are all the rage. Gigantic floral walls are one of these popular ideas that consists of a backdrop entirely and densely covered in flowers and greenery. Floral wall backdrops can be a wonderful decoration for your receiving line, wedding altar, or even just a fun photo spot. Large, freestanding arrangements that tower around guests are another popular floral element for entrances, the aisle, or the ceremony altar. Many floral designers have even started making overhanging floral installs, like floral chandeliers, or puffy floral clouds on the ceiling. These giant flower installations will be sure to leave their mark. 

So, as you’re researching and trying to plan what you’d like your wedding flowers to look like, remember this article and these best wedding flowers of 2022. You can also check out this article for more floral inspiration and some beautiful pictures to go along with them. We can’t wait to see how beautiful your wedding will turn out (and surely, you’re just as excited). Until then, keep dreaming about the beautiful wedding flowers that will grace your special day.