Easy Street Finished Bouquet

Are you looking for a gorgeous bouquet that you don’t have to put together yourself? Look no further with this Easy Street Finished Bouquet. You don’t need to have any floral design experience when you order from Sola Wood Flowers. Instead, their floral designers will create a personalized, gorgeous bouquet for you! This finished bouquet is complete with beautiful flowers, trendy greenery, and a touch of rustic ribbons. The realistic wood flowers in this bouquet can be dyed in a large variety of colors. Check out our dye color gallery to pick the shades that perfectly match your vision. 

Will you be sending this bouquet to someone as a gift for Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, or any other special occasion? When you order this Easy Street Finished Bouquet, you can add a scent infusion, vase, or personalized note to make the gift that much sweeter. The best part about this beautiful bouquet is that it will never wilt! Sola Wood Flowers products are made from wood-like materials that are long-lasting. They’re paired with dried and preserved greenery for a gorgeous look that you will be able to use again and again!

Are you wondering how this Easy Street Finished Bouquet will look or fit for your purposes? Sola Wood Flowers large bouquets generally include approximately 25-30 flowers that measure anywhere from 1-3 inches. The entire bouquet measures about 9.5”-11.5” in diameter and is around 11.5”-13.5” tall. This provides you with a perfectly-sized bouquet that will look gorgeous as a handheld bouquet or centerpiece decoration. This trendy bouquet would be perfect as a wedding bouquet, event decoration, party centerpiece, or Instagram-worthy gift. No matter what you use it for, you’ll be sure to love the Easy Street Finished Bouquet.