Custom Medium Bouquet

Do you want a stunning wedding bouquet that you haven’t seen anywhere else? If so, our Custom Medium Bouquet will be perfect for you. This Custom Medium Bouquet is one of our most popular products since it can be completely personalized to meet your specific bouquet vision. 

When ordering your Custom Medium Bouquet, you’ll be able to choose between two different assortments of Sola Wood Flowers. You can choose the “Mixed Flowers” option which includes some creamy, natural flowers and some flowers with rustic bark details. You can also choose the “No Bark Flowers” if you love a clean, traditional look. You will even be able to choose your own dye colors so that your flowers match your desired color scheme! Do you have a unique color scheme for your bouquet? We’ve got you covered! You can choose the colors for your flowers by selecting the color options before you place the custom bouquet in your cart. To view our stylish and trendy dye shades, simply visit our dye color gallery! You’ll also be able to choose between eight different options of floral filler and greenery. These finishing touches will help your bouquet to look beautiful, full, and complete. All of these customizable options will help you create a bouquet that is totally unique and personal.

Are you a lover of crafts? Would you like to build your own bouquet? If so, select our “Do It Yourself” option and we’ll send you all of the supplies that you’ll need to create this stunning and customized bouquet. You can check out this tutorial for some helpful tips on creating your Sola Wood Flowers bouquet! If you would rather have an expert put together your custom bouquet, choose the “Build it For Me” option and we’ll have your gorgeous artificial flower bouquet shipped to you in no time!