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It's a dog-eat-dog world in the flower business. We hold our blooms to the highest standard and these specimens just didn't quite make the cut. Natural selection for the win.

A R.I.P. bag contains about 80-150 flowers. It's a 16 X20' bag filled to the brim (you are likely to receive duplicate flowers). These sad souls may be damaged with broken hearts (and petals) but can still be revived with tender loving care and a lot of creativity. They also might be colored incorrectly or just plain ugly.

No specific type of flower or size is guaranteed in this bag of flowers. It is the Roulette of flower bags--you have no idea what you might get! All R.I.P. bags are final sale and are not eligible for refunds, returns, exchanges or in-store credit.

There are no guarantees to what you will receive in the R.I.P Bag. Some flowers may be dyed, and some may be raw. 

Sola Wood Flowers are made from natural materials, no two are exactly alike. Occasionally there may be small holes that from a "knot" in the wood due to the nature of the materials.

Please note that this assortment does not include stems. To purchase stems please click here.

Sola wood flowers are a popular eco-friendly flowers made of wood that are great for crafting, weddings, gifts & more! 

Our raw sola wood flowers are made entirely by hand and ship quickly from Ogden, Utah.

We offer raw sola wood flowers in various bulk assortments, 10 packs, premium 3 packs, and even predyed assortments.

If you're new to sola, we recommend checking out our detailed sola wood crafting tutorials.

Many beginners start their crafting journey with us by using our sola wood craft kits.

If you have questions, don't be afraid to use our 24/7 live chat or email in with your questions. 

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katrina kates

Do it! Get the flowers! Go to your cart and CHECK OUT. You deserve these flowers.

Rip bags

The RIP bag was great about 80% were usable I love them. Thanks for this great product.