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How to Make a Cascading Bridal Bouquet with Fake Flowers

Are you tired of the traditional sphere bouquet for weddings? Do you want something a little bit more relaxed and romantic for your own bridal bouquet? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you about DIY bridal flowers arranged in a cascading bouquet shape. A cascading bouquet is shaped kind of like a waterfall. It is designed to flow down from the bride’s hands in a long, dramatic floral cascade that is natural and free formed. You often see a similar floral design in cascading hanging pots or indoor greenery. 

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So, what is so attractive about a cascading bridal bouquet? This style was actually quite popular in the 1980’s. One of the most famous cascading bouquets of all time was Princess Diana’s bridal bouquet. So, this style has been around for quite some time. But in recent years it has been coming back in a new bohemian form that has florists and brides raving for more. Cascading bouquets look beautiful no matter what color or style of flowers you want to use in your arrangement. They always look full and dramatic, and will look stunning with their textures and colors against your white wedding dress.


So, are you sold yet on the cascading bouquet? If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own cascading bouquet, has a stunning gallery of cascading bridal bouquets in a variety of styles. Once you’ve nailed down your wedding color scheme and even identified a few flowers that you’d like to include in your bouquet, just give this DIY a try. Next thing you know, you’ll have fallen in love with the cascading bouquet style. 

How to Make a Cascading Bridal Bouquet with Fake Flowers

1. Choose Your Flowers

First of all, choose the flowers and greenery that you want to use in your bouquet. Make sure that you choose florals that reflect your personal style, whether you’re bohemian or more traditional. A cascading bouquet of bright wildflowers will look just as beautiful as a simpler cascading bouquet of white roses and greenery. Artificial flowers are a great choice for this type of bouquet since they’re a little more sturdy than fresh flowers. They won’t wilt and will stay looking stunning throughout the day. The best part about this style is that it will look gorgeous no matter what style of flowers you choose. Just make sure that you have enough materials to work with, since this style of bouquet is rather large and oversized. You can always use extra flowers for additional arrangements. 

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2. Prep Your Flowers

Once you’ve chosen your flowers and greenery, it is time to prepare them for your arrangement. If you’re using fresh flowers, cut the ends of the stems on a diagonal and keep them in water before you add them to the bouquet. However, try to leave the stems as long as possible so you can have that dramatic waterfall effect. You’ll need to remove some of the leaves so you have bare stems to work with at the base of the bouquet. This will create an easy handhold for your wedding day, and it will also make them easier to arrange and gather together. 

3. Start with Focal Flowers

The first step to creating stunning DIY bridal flowers is to start of your arrangement with your focal flowers. These are the flowers that you want to be the main part of your bouquet. Maybe they’ll have your main wedding colors, or maybe they’re just a style that you really love. Start arranging these flowers in a cascading shape, with some shorter at the top, and some with longer stems towards the bottom. Add in smaller flowers with complementary colors to fill in the bouquet. Having a line of florals cascading down the front of your wedding dress will draw the attention to you as the bride in a dramatic and eyecatching fashion.

4. Add Fillers and Greenery

Once your main flowers are arranged, start adding in floral fillers and greenery to add more volume to your bouquet. Mix in the floral fillers with your flowers to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. Use your greenery to frame the bouquet, and use the longest pieces of greenery to really emphasize that cascading shape. This will help give your bouquet more drama.

5. Finishing Touches

Once all of your flowers, fillers, and greenery are in place, it is time for the finishing touches. First of all, secure your bouquet with some floral tape and with a sturdy rubber band or two until it feels stuck in place. Then, wrap the stems with some pretty silk ribbon, lace, or burlap ribbon. If you want to add a romantic touch to the cascading shape that you’ve already achieved, then leave some long streamers of your ribbon. Silk ribbons with raw edges usually work the best for this style.

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Best Flowers for Cascading Bouquets

Okay, it is true that not all flowers are created equally. Some flowers might be better fitted to the cascading bouquet style than others, and that is really important to realize as you’re crafting your own bouquet. So, here are a few of the best flowers for cascading bouquets. These types of flowers adapt well to the flowing shape and look beautiful in this free-form style. 

Blossom Sprigs

If you’re getting married in the spring, you should definitely use some blossom sprigs in your cascading bouquet. This could mean some cherry blossom sprigs or lilac sprigs, or whatever fluffy blossoms you have around you locally. These sprigs will add some nice length to your cascade, and they’ll also balance out the softness and texture of your bouquet.


Orchids are also a must-have for the cascading bouquet style. There are lots of high-quality artificial orchids that look very realistic that you can work with. Make sure to get an orchid that already has a cascading look to it, and then add it about halfway down your bouquet. This will create an eye-catching look with your orchids at the pinnacle of the cascade. 

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are also an excellent choice for your cascading bouquet. They are artificial flowers made out of natural materials, and can be shaped and dyed to match any individual style. Wood flowers are a lot more affordable than fresh flowers, which will be helpful when you’re making such a large, dramatic bouquet. They’re perfect for DIY bridal flowers. When you use wood flowers, you can add a longer floral wire to act as the stem. This will facilitate that dramatic, cascading look that you’re going for. 


If you’re looking for a long, dramatic piece of greenery for your cascade, look no further. Ivy will be perfect for you. With its crawling stems and delicate dramatic leaves, ivy will add the perfect shape to your bouquet. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

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