Wood Flower Dye - 4oz

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Take a peek at our dye options gallery and you'll be surprised at how many colors we came up with to dye your sola wood flowers in!

Easy to follow instructions to dye your own flowers at home using a cereal bowl and tap water can be found here.  Also, for another dyeing instruction with the SOFTENER click here.

A 4-ounce bottle will color up to 200 flowers (depending upon the desired vibrance of color).

Click here to see our dye color options.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that paint can freeze. If the area you live in has freezing temperatures, your wood flower dye may freeze during shipping, causing permanent damage to its consistency and quality.

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When you buy flowers from Sola Wood Flowers, many assortments come with undyed, or raw, wood flowers. This means that the flowers currently reflect their natural creamy white color and haven’t been previously dyed. If you love DIY projects and want to dye your own flowers, our wood flower dye will be the perfect purchase for you. Just purchase bulk assortments of whatever wood flowers you like, and then you’ll be able to custom dye them to fit your purposes! Your purchase will be made even more affordable since you’ll be able to use the same pack of flowers for lots of different crafts when you dye them for their express purposes

Our Wood Flower Dye is incredibly easy to use. Just mix this dye with our Sola Wood Softener in a 1:10 ratio. Once your dye is thoroughly mixed, dip your flowers until they’re dyed to your satisfaction. Then, leave them to dry for 24 hours. Believe it or not, this little 4 oz. bottle will help you to dye up to 200 wood flowers! Could you benefit from a little bit more help in your flower-dyeing process? Check out this video or this article for some helpful tips and tutorials that will show you how to dye your own wood flowers from Sola Wood Flowers!

Are you wondering what dye colors we have available? Our floral experts have taken the time to research the trendiest floral colors on the market to ensure that we’d be able to offer you the most popular dye colors. No matter how unique your color scheme may be for your project, you’ll be sure to find dye shades that you love. You can even mix dye colors to get a unique, personalized shade! Take some time to check out our dye color gallery.

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Wood Flower Dye - 4oz

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Wood Flower Dye - 4oz

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